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The Steampunk Laboratory

A few images of the Steampunk Lab.

The Steampunk Lab

Among other things, the Lab is home to a 4'x8' work table, 8 chairs, wireless and wired internet access, 2 dedicated dual-monitor computer workstations, a 24" wide-format poster printer, a bunch of tools, software programs, electronics and embedded control equipment, a drafting table + graphic design tools (light box, 6"x8" Wacom Intuos digital tablet, digital camera, digital video camera), and more.


Computer Workstations


Drafting Nook


Wide-format poster printer



And of course, no self-respecting laboratory doesn't have rats.... :-)


 Meet Betty and Rita.

 (Betty, on the left, is more adventurous, and always interested in trying new foods.  Her sister Rita, on the right, is finickier and prefers to simply sit in your hand and be petted).










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